Experience Audio in another dimension: The IMMERSIVE BUNDLE from Dear Reality

The way we perceive sound has radically changed in recent years. Immersive and spatial audio are no longer just buzzwords in the tech world; they have become essential technologies that elevate our auditory experiences to new heights. Especially in 2024, the production of spatial audio has become inevitable—it is a key technology that penetrates every corner of the audio industry.

Dear Reality is at the forefront of this innovation with the IMMERSIVE BUNDLE, a combination of two groundbreaking tools: dearVR PRO 2 and dearVR MONITOR. These plugins revolutionize how audio engineers and producers handle sound by bridging technical precision and creative freedom.

dearVR PRO 2: The Audio Spatializer that Breaks Boundaries

With dearVR PRO 2, every multi-channel capable DAW transforms into a three-dimensional audio production facility. Imagine being able to position any sound precisely in space—not just left and right, but also above, below, in front, and behind. This spatial flexibility opens up new possibilities for sound designers and audio engineers, from breathtaking musical experiences to detailed soundscapes for film and television.

dearVR MONITOR: Perfect Mixes, Anywhere

dearVR MONITOR complements the IMMERSIVE BUNDLE by simulating a variety of speaker configurations right on your headphones. Whether it's 5.1, 7.1, or Dolby Atmos, this tool ensures that your mix performs flawlessly in any format. With dearVR MONITOR, you can check the quality of your mix in various virtual environments without needing access to an expensive speaker system - and with the new head tracking feature that allows the integration of external head trackers via OSC, the experience is more realistic than ever before.

Creativity and Technology in Perfect Harmony

The IMMERSIVE BUNDLE from Dear Reality offers not just technical excellence but also liberates the creative potential of every sound technician and producer. The intuitive operation of the plugins allows you to work quickly and efficiently while simultaneously creating innovative and immersive audio experiences. Whether you're producing an album, designing sound effects, or mixing audio for a blockbuster film—the IMMERSIVE BUNDLE provides you with the tools you need to excel in every respect.

An Indispensable Toolset

Why opt for the IMMERSIVE BUNDLE? Because it will change the way you work with audio. dearVR PRO 2 offers you unprecedented freedom in the spatial arrangement of sound, while dearVR MONITOR ensures that your mixes sound perfect on any system. Together, they allow you to focus less on technical details and more on the creative and artistic design of your projects.


The IMMERSIVE BUNDLE from Dear Reality transcends a mere toolkit—it signifies a monumental leap for all professionals in the audio industry. Experience for yourself how this bundle can transform your workflow and your creative outcomes. Dive into the world of immersive audio—with Dear Reality, where your creativity meets endless possibilities.

Janis Käune
Janis is specialized in recording classical orchestras, crossover ensembles, and 3D audio projects. Finishing his sound engineering degree at the Robert Schumann Hochschule, he is responsible for running and maintaining the spatial audio studio for classical music. At Dear Reality, Janis works in the Quality Assurance and Support team.

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