Introducing EXOVERB - An immersive stereo reverb

With EXOVERB, spatial audio expert Dear Reality has released its first stereo reverb plugin. With its intuitive interface and 50 simulated environments using a unique hybrid multi-impulse simulation processing, EXOVERB provides a refreshing take on reverb with a never-before-heard quality of depth and space.
In this article, we will give interesting insights into EXOVERB’s development, the thoughts behind the plugin, and what clearly differentiates it from its competitors.

Why did we decide to create a stereo reverb plugin?

As a spatial audio company, the creation of virtual acoustics, and the comprehensive customization of them, thus realistic sounding reverbs with a qualitative depth, have always been driving factors. This fact has been the core of our work and has guided us in developing all our plugins.

Over the years, we received feedback from our customers that they use the room simulations from our spatializer plugins in their everyday stereo mixes. So, the spatial audio simulation of rooms provided an impact on the sound that previous stereo reverbs did not.

When designing EXOVERB, we have used our experience in high-quality simulated and spatialized room sounds to develop a revolutionary new stereo plugin with a hybrid mix of previous technologies and new approaches. It offers a remarkably balanced and customizable sound, creating the most natural reverbs with an immersive fingerprint.

What distinguished EXOVERB from other reverb plugins?

It is rare to find a reverb plugin that offers a high level of depth perception in a mix. Most reverbs provide a decent stereo width, but they often sound flat or two-dimensional. However, many don't have much of an impact on how close or distant a sound feels. EXOVERB dials in the perfect amount of depth with a clear and responsive sound.

EXOVERB's unique interface helps to speed up your production process by easily finding the sweet spot of reverb, early reflections, and dry signal. It is designed to let you create mixes with greater control over the depth of sounds and instruments. The user interface boosts a new level of creativity in mixing, as it enables the user to sculpt the distance of each sound in a mix, creating more spatially realistic results.

This depth perception is achieved using Dear Reality’s proprietary processing technology. Packed into the futuristic yet intuitive interface are over 50 hand-crafted acoustic environments for producers and engineers to enhance their mixes by giving their listeners a natural sense of space and distance that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. From small room ambiances to cavernous, expansive chambers, variety has been a key factor in guiding the development of EXOVERB and its unique environment collection. 

What does EXOVERB offer users?

    Choose from 50 different ambiances, rooms, halls, and plates


    Control the dry/wet signal plus early/late ratio at the same time to easily create just the perfect reverb sound for your tracks


    Shift the perceived distance of your signal up to 500ms

  • SIZE

    Shorten or extend the reverb length to fit the character and tempo of your track


    Adjust the decay time (up to 150% or down to 50%) Use spatial separation to create natural-sounding front-back depth and space in your mix.


    Adjust acoustic scenes with unheard three-dimensional depth and width


    Monitor and adjust your in- and output level directly in the GUI, easy as that 


    Create tonal adjustments with separate filters for early reflections, decay, or the summed reverb signal

What is the technology behind EXOVERB?

Though spatial audio technology offers new perspectives on sound and immersion, people forget that stereo can produce immersive sound fields with realistic depth, too - if done right. With EXOVERB, we unlock this capability by applying the fundamentals of our well-known spatial audio technology to our first pure stereo reverb plugin.

Unlike most reverbs, EXOVERB uses a unique reverb processing engine carefully hand-crafted by Dear Reality. Rather than using traditional impulses or algorithms, EXOVERB uses synthesized multi-impulses, designed relying on the experience gained in spatial audio. Each impulse is carefully hand-designed to create a highly natural-sounding reverb. 

Let's talk about natural depth perception.

Another notable feature of EXOVERB is the perception of depth it creates in mixes. Very often, when comparing professional and amateur mixes, one key difference is the feeling of depth. The instruments all sit in their own space, some closer and others further away. This sense of depth can be hard to achieve for beginners. Typically it’s done using filtering and adjusting the volume; however, this doesn’t create a truly realistic sense of depth. 

When you listen to EXOVERB, you will quickly hear how it influences the depth of a sound. The Depth control also makes this easy to manipulate, letting you place sounds closer or further away in the soundstage.

EXOVERB incorporates the fundamentals of spatial hearing, enabling enhanced control of spatial distance perception. The results are true-to-life sounding reverbs with three-dimensional depth perception on all playback systems - both speakers and headphones.

Who benefits from EXOVERB's spatial enhancements?

Anybody who uses reverb finds EXOVERB a powerful tool perfectly suitable for any audio production. We designed EXOVERB with a range of genres and producing types in mind, from newcomers to veterans of the mixing desk.

Its easy-to-use and straightforward designed UI - especially our unique Triangle Pad - makes it a perfect fit for new and intermediate producers who want to achieve professional-sounding mixes with ease. It quickly enables you to create realistic-sounding reverbs with a high-quality, natural sound, and a sense of depth that is often lacking in mixes.

With its outstanding sound quality and ease of use, the plugin is perfectly compatible with any DAW, whether in the studio or at home! The large selection of acoustic scenes gives a new level of freedom to mixing engineers who need diversity in their reverb sounds.

Try it yourself!

Words only do this plugin so much justice. Test the plugin yourself with the free 14-day trial. Instantly you will be able to feel and hear the difference this technology has compared to traditional reverb plugins!

Dear Reality is a pioneer in spatial audio. EXOVERB is just one example of their powerful tools. Check out the rest of Dear Reality’s Spatial Audio Tools and guides for more inspiration. 

Kai Detlefsen
Kai combines a creative approach with profound knowledge about international business processes having two bachelor’s degrees in Music and International Management. As a musician and mixing engineer, he can be found at concert venues and in recording studios. At Dear Reality, Kai strives to make the spatial audio world accessible for everyone.

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