Start mixing VR games in headset

Control Wwise* in VR

Audio production for VR games can be tiresome, as today’s workflow requires audio designers to frequently switch between previewing their work in-headset and making changes on the desktop.

This past year, Dear Reality has worked directly with a major game studio to improve their production workflow for a forthcoming AAA VR title by providing audio designers in-headset control of Audiokinetic Wwise sessions.

We’re excited to share the result, dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT for Wwise & unity, with more people and gather feedback from the community. Apply for our exclusive technology preview program and start controlling Wwise sessions directly in Unity’s* VR preview.

Reduce context switching

Intuitive mixing

Mixing in a VR headset not only reduces context switching but also enables the game audio designer to work with 3D space more intuitively by working in context.

dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT for Wwise & Unity allows you to visualize the location of active sound sources, control attenuation curves, share set parameters, make adjustments to mixers, and more – all in Unity’s headset preview.

Let’s shape the next level of interactive audio production together

Apply to join the Technology Preview

If you’re interested in the next generation of interactive production tools, contact us by filling out the form. We will reach out with the next steps.

Key Features

  • Easy Access to Mixers

    Direct in-headset access to your Wwise mixers, including the ability to solo and mute.

  • Visualization of Active Sound Objects

    Spot hard-to-find problematic sounds and understand the spatial audio session in game.

  • At the ready

    A user-selectable hot-key brings up and closes the tool within the Unity preview.

  • Fast Selection

    Intuitively select audio objects and manipulate their parameters.

  • Distance Attenuation Curves & Share Sets

    Select distance attenuation curves and alter the curves nodes within VR.

  • In-headset Minimal Profiler

    Provides a view of recent audio events/objects and filter by keyword.


We turn audio into an immersive experience

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Since 2019 Dear Reality is proud to be part of the
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We turn audio into an immersive experience

*Unity is a trademark of Unity Technologies, Wwise is a trademark of Audiokinetic