Turn your DAW into a 3D audio powerhouse. Start creating stunningly realistic 3D music productions and go beyond the limitations of stereo sound.

  • Full 360° immersive panner
  • 18 reverb scenes for music productions
  • Binaural output
  • Ambisonics output (FOA)
  • Adaptable acoustic scenes 
  • AAX/VST3/VST/AU support

Put the listener inside your songs

Creative Music Production

Discover how music production has changed and turn your mixes into immersive 3D experiences

Headphone Playback

Feel your music coming alive as a full 360° sound on any pair of headphones

Binaural & Ambisonics

Rely on advanced and easy-to-use spatial rendering for binaural and Ambisonics productions

Your music as a full 3D sound experience

Benefit from the highest spatialization quality

All dearVR spatializer plugins rely on the advanced dearVR CORE engine, resulting in best-in-class externalization and true-to-life immersion.

Create immersive mixes with a true perception of direction, distance, reflections, and reverb.

Hear how dearVR MUSIC will add depth and detail to your music, post-production, and VR video production.

Music creation with dearVR MUSIC

Music creation with dearVR MUSIC

"This has made my year. It is a very cool mind-freak of a plugin that I'm now using on all forms of music. Love it!"

Tchad Blake

Producer & Audio Engineer (Artic Monkeys, Peter Gabriel, Pearl Jam)



"The plugin is amazing, I really enjoyed the depth of field of it, the spatialization is very good!"

Toco Cerqueira

Re-Recording Mixer and Spatial Audio Designer

Main Features

Dive into the most common spatial audio formats

Enhanced spatial music production

dearVR MUSIC renders high-quality 3D audio for the most common immersive audio productions.

Use the binaural output to listen to your mixes in mind-blowing 3D audio on any earbuds and headphones. The 4-channel Ambisonics format outputs spatial audio for YouTube 360° video soundtracks.

You can also use dearVR MUSIC's beautiful virtual environments as conventional reverbs in stereo format, doubling their music production usefulness.

Enhanced spatial music production
Binaural Panner
Create a 360° music experience

Binaural Panner

Place your listener in the center of the sound! Drag your mouse around using the plugin’s graphical XYZ-pad to position audio sources anywhere in the immersive soundstage - behind or in front of the listener, above or below their head, to the left or right, closer or farther away. With dearVR MUSIC, the sound is no longer inside your head but out in the environment where it belongs.

Experience true-to-life 3D imaging and depth

Virtual acoustics tuned for creative music production

dearVR MUSIC lets you choose between 18 versatile virtual acoustic environments perfectly suited for music production, including a concert hall, church, stage, drum room, and many more.

Place your tracks in a realistic, three-dimensional world where your singers and musicians sit or roam around in real-time.

Change the shape, dimensions, and texture of your environment using controls that adjust its size, damping, and balance of early reflections and diffuse reverb.

Virtual acoustics tuned for creative music production
Tonal balance in binaural processing


The Clarity algorithm allows you to minimize colorations resulting from the binaural rendering and individually adjust an optimal balance between the externalized spatial perception and the overall tonal preservation. This can be especially useful for musical instruments and the human voice and paves the way for a barrier-free transfer to regular stereo loudspeakers.

Key Features

  • Binaural output

    Supporting stereo and binaural 2-channel headphones output

  • Ambisonics output

    Supporting first-order Ambisonics (e.g. for YouTube)

  • Immersive panner

    Position and move audio sources in a virtual 3D environment adjusting Azimuth, Elevation, and Distance to the listener

  • 18 perfectly tuned acoustic presets for music productions

    Includes 18 vivid virtual acoustic environments perfectly suited for music production, each independently recallable per instance

  • Adjustable acoustics

    Control the virtual environment’s size, damping, the balance of early reflections and diffuse reverb, distance of walls, ceiling, and floor to the listener


Plugin format


Mac OS X

OS X 10.9 +
Intel CPU (minimum 2 GHz recommended)

Native Apple silicon support for AU and VST3
Apple silicon compatibility via Rosetta 2 for AAX


Windows 10 through 11
Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 instruction set (minimum 2 GHz recommended)

DAW support

Pro Tools 11 or higher
Most VST / VST3 / AU - compatible hosts running on a supported operating system
64-bit support only

Supported sample rates

44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 kHz



Mixing Jazz music in 3D

Visit Dear Reality blog for a post about a highly creative binaural music production by Alejandro Mosso


Binaural Music

Visit Dear Reality blog for a post about the spatial re-creation of Bob Marley's songs


Enhance Stereo Music

Download the dearVR MUSIC manual to get detailed insights


Get detailed insights


dearVR MUSIC can enhance any stereo mix by offering high-quality reverb panning possibilities way above a regular stereo panner.

Yes, dearVR MUSIC enables you to mix in first-order Ambisonics. If you need further information about mixing in Ambisonics, have a look at the manual or our blog.

dearVR PRO extends dearVR MUSIC’s possibilities by offering more output formats (e.g., 26 loudspeaker formats), more features (e.g., Realtime Auralization), and 28 additional acoustics.

Yes, of course! Just contact us to upgrade to dearVR PRO.


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