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Shaping the future of audio

Dear Reality is the leading company in the field of immersive audio controllers, well-known for its binaural, Ambisonics and multichannel encoder with totally realistic room virtualization. The company’s products are used the world over by sound engineers, sound designers, broadcasters and musicians.

Sennheiser AMBEO is born from the desire to deliver the ultimate sound experience, selectively including the most advanced 3D audio technology into new products.


The Evolution of Audio Mixing

3D audio enriches all kinds of audio production with a new dimension - whether music, podcast, film, game audio, VR and AR or any other. Let your audio become a full 360° sound experience on headphones or loudspeakers.

Music Production

Discover how your music production benefits from the latest immersive audio developments. Dive deeper into the world of audio spatializer plugins, advanced virtual monitoring solutions, and innovative mixing controller.

Post Production

Experience uncompromising quality and total reliability. Benefit from professional spatializing and monitoring solutions offering a true-to-life acoustic immersion with an advanced externalization.

Interactive Audio

Add a new level of user experience to your interactive productions by creating a realistic 3D sound field around the listener. Rely on proven solutions offering a true-to-life perception of direction, distance, reflections and reverb.