Redeem your activation code

Products bought at Plugin Boutique cannot be activated here. Please use the 'Redeem Voucher' page in your Dear Reality account.

If you bought a Dear Reality plugin at another official online dealer, you should have received an activation code (example: ABC-123-456-789-DEF) for each plugin. Activate your plugin by inserting the code in the field below and follow the checkout process without any further payments.

If you haven’t received any voucher code, please reach out to your dealer first.

screen with form
Step 1
Enter Voucher Code
Step 2
Finalize Checkout
receive by mail
Step 3
Receive License Code
The Activation Process in Detail

How to activate your product

Step 1: Activation Code

Enter the activation code

Enter your activation code (in our example "MIX-123-456-789-DEF") into the form on top of the page. Then click on ACTIVATE.

Enter the activation code
Follow the checkout
Step 2: Checkout Process

Follow the checkout

The checkout process starts. Your activation code should appear on the right side and the total price should be 0.00.

Step 3: Contact Information

Complete your information

Insert your information on the left side. Then click on Continue to payment and don't worry - because of your activation code, there will be no payment!

Complete your information
No payment necessary
Step 4: Payment section

No payment necessary

You receive the confirmation that no payment is required. Now click on Review Order and after that on Complete Order.

Step 5: Confirmation

Your order is confirmed

Now you should see the confirmation of your order. You'll receive an email with your order number and download link shortly.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy our product!

Your order is confirmed

Need help?

If you face any problems during the activation process, please make sure to double-check if you're using the correct activation code. If you need further assistance during the process, please reach out to our support team.


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