The future of game audio mixing is in-headset

Control Wwise* in VR

Audio production for VR and AR games or experiences can be tiresome, as today’s workflow requires audio designers to switch between previewing their work with a VR headset and making changes on a desktop PC. With SPATIAL CONNECT for Wwise, game audio engineers can mix directly in the VR headset, reducing context switching and enabling them to intuitively work on spatial audio in the immersive environment itself.

Dear Reality has been collaborating with Ubisoft to improve their VR audio production workflows by providing audio designers with in-headset control of Wwise sessions. The project is supported technically by Audiokinetic, whose development team added certain features in their Wwise audio middleware that allowed for that new kind of workflow.

Reduce context switching

Intuitive mixing

Gesture-controlled audio mixing in VR offers an enhanced perception of the scene, and enables game audio designers to handle the 3D space more intuitively by working in context. Audio designers can control levels, attenuation curves as well as maximum distances and are immediately able to perceive the final user experience and spatial mix.

SPATIAL CONNECT for Wwise also allows game audio engineers to spot hard-to-find problematic sounds and understand the spatial audio session in the game by visualizing the location of active sound events directly in the VR headset and providing the means to intuitively modify the most important audio parameters.

Key Features

  • Easy Access to Mixers

    Direct in-headset access to your Wwise mixers, including the ability to solo and mute.

  • Visualization of Active Sound Objects

    Spot hard-to-find problematic sounds and understand the spatial audio session in game.

  • At the ready

    A user-selectable hot-key brings up and closes the tool within the Unity preview.

  • Fast Selection

    Intuitively select audio objects and manipulate their parameters.

  • Distance Attenuation Curves & Share Sets

    Select distance attenuation curves and alter the curves nodes within VR.

  • In-headset Minimal Profiler

    Provides a view of recent audio events/objects and filter by keyword.

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