Elevate your stereo mixes with EXOVERB MICRO

EXOVERB MICRO is a new, streamlined version of our powerful EXOVERB reverb plugin. Both reverb plugins use a unique spatial engine, and hybrid reverberation techniques to create a stereo reverb plugin with enhanced spatial perception, unlike anything on the market. 

The EXOVERB reverb gives you a maximum control over the spatialization of your stereo mixes to create realistic 3D spaces - all bundled into a highly intuitive interface. The new MICRO version gives users a taste of this power at a more affordable price. 

In this article, we’ll reveal all the exciting details of EXOVERB MICRO, and show you how to try the plugin for yourself.  

EXOVERB MICRO - Lightning Fast Realistic Reverb


is a slimmed-down version of Dear Reality’s revolutionary EXOVERB plugin. MICRO gives you a streamlined and easy-to-use acces to our core spatial reverb engine to enable users to produce with this high-powered and unique plugin on a lower budget.

Both plugins has been built upon years of research into spatial hearing, perception, and psychoacoustics. They offer unheard levels of width, depth, and spatial realism to enable you to create enhanced and cleaned up mixes with a clearer spatial perception, regardless of whether for stereo or multi-channel formats.

Let's take a look into the functionalities of EXOVERB. The new MICRO Version shares some of EXOVERB's most basic features including the unique Triangle Pad, a focused selection of eight Acoustic Scenes, and a sleeker access to the Predelay and Decay parameters.


A neat feature of EXOVERB MICRO is the inclusion of a range of presets. These give you instant starting points for a bunch of different situations, from short studio delays to massive operas, caves, and plates. This lets you quickly load up a rough patch, which you can then fine-tune and tweak until it fits the context of your mix perfectly. 

We’ve included eight presets to cover all the bases, which you can quickly switch between. 

Why is EXOVERB MICRO different from other reverb plugins?

Dear Reality is primarily a spatial audio company. We are one of the leading researchers in the field of spatial sound and over the last years, we’ve built up a deep understanding of how spatial audio works and is perceived to developed several unique technologies relating to the creation and customization of virtual acoustics and realistic reverberation. 

Unlike other reverb plugins, EXOVERB MICRO harnesses the highly realistic sound and spatialization of spatial audio and virtual acoustics. Using a unique system of the custom cascading impulse response, it creates a stunning level of realism, detail, depth, and width - without limiting your creativity. 

EXOVERB MICRO captures the benefits of both algorithmic and convolution reverbs, creating a unique plugin unlike anything else. It generates a 3D, natural space that gives a glorious sense of depth perception on any playback system - speakers or headphones. 

REVERB… Redesigned

  • Enhance flat or two-dimensional mixes: With EXOVERB MICRO, you can easily create natural sounding mixes with precise depth and width. 
  • Create crystal clear productions: The algorithms provide incredibly clear and detailed reverbs without any muddiness or unwanted, unrealistic digital artifacts. 
  • Incredible realism and expression: EXOVERB MICRO brings a new level of realism to reverbs, combining the realism of convolution, with the flexibility of algorithms

Why EXOVERB and EXOVERB MICRO - the Importance of Depth and Space.

One of the abilities that set experts apart from novices is the use of space and depth in a mix. It might take producers years to properly comprehend the significance of space in putting together the ideal mix because it is frequently ignored.

Music frequently lacks a natural or genuine feeling of space, especially in today's music production culture, when a significant percentage of creation occurs digitally rather than acoustically. Mainly because the sound frequently never even exits the computer. 

The sound of the recording studio and the rooms or settings that the band recorded in are almost as important in generating the enchantment as the band is - this becomes clear when listening to classic songs recorded pre-digital.

Why depth and space are important for mixes

Without the proper regard for space, mixes may easily be damaged. Not only are dynamic and frequency important but also how an auditory environment is perceived.

Making a visceral yet organic mix requires effective use of space. Each instrument must either have its own place to stand in or be connected by a common atmosphere. Also, it adds another level of creative flare and inventiveness to the musical experience, increasing its intrigue. It becomes immediately obvious which music stands out more if you contrast a low-effort, 2D-sounding mix with something with a high level of spatial ambition.

How EXOVERB MICRO creates space and depth perception

The engineering team at Dear Reality is experienced in dealing with these problems. We have decades of mixing experience, so we know personally how frustrating spatial issues can be.

So, we've created our EXOVERB plugins to address a variety of problems caused by conventional reverb plugins, not only to simplify our own mixing tasks but also to provide producers with a strong solution, speed up their workflow, and let them unleash their creativity.

How to Use EXOVERB MICRO - Step-by-Step Guide

EXOVERB MICRO is highly intuitive to use, regardless of how powerful it is. While we are confident you will ultimately come up with your own quick method, here is one workflow technique we suggest for fine-tuning the best outcomes.

1. Load the plugin onto a channel. It works particularly well as an insert, although still great on a send/return. 
2. Switch between the 8 acoustic scenes until you find the right one. 
3. Use the triangle to blend dry/wet/early/late and speed up your workflow. 
4. Check the input/output gain for gain staging. 
5. Make detailled adjustments using the Predelay and Decay Parameters.

Try it on your own.

Words can only do so much justice to this plugin, so just try out the plugin for yourself. You will immediately be able to hear and feel how our technique differs from conventional reverb plugins!

Check out the rest of our spatial audio tools and guides for more inspiration. 

Janis Käune
Janis is specialized in recording classical orchestras, crossover ensembles, and 3D audio projects. Finishing his sound engineering degree at the Robert Schumann Hochschule, he is responsible for running and maintaining the spatial audio studio for classical music. At Dear Reality, Janis works in the Quality Assurance and Support team.

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