Introducing MIYA - Your audio signal … reborn

Düsseldorf, 8 May 2023 – Re-synthesize your audio based on its DNA and go from slight alterations to a complete aggressive reconstruction with MIYA, Dear Reality's latest wavelet distortion plugin for audio signals. MIYA follows a radically different approach to distortion by creating a wide range of permutations of the original input using adjustable harmonics. Enhance your sounds to punch through the mix by sculpting them like a synthesizer and go from subtle textures to gnarly distortion and even massive sub-harmonics.


Welcome to a completely different approach to distortion: Unlike ordinary distortion effects, MIYA processes the original input by detecting zero-crosses and replacing the original signal between them with additively synthesized waveforms. "Even though we specialize in spatial audio technology, we burn for interesting audio algorithms outside of this focus," explains Felix Lau, Product Owner of Dear Reality, adding that "a perfect example of this
is MIYA's unique digital distortion technology, in which the listener can recognize both the original's footprints and the synthesized sound.
" With MIYA, users can spice up any sounds, add texture, or wreck the original signal to recreate it from the ground up with precisely tuned wavelets.

MIYA's real-time visualizer provides immediate feedback using four different colors. The orange vertical line indicates the detected zero-crosses, while the grey line shows the original incoming signal. The blue line plots the generated signal, and the green line visualizes the output from the plugin, which consists of a mix of wet and dry signals.

MIYA lets you go from rich textures to gnarly glitches: In the Analyzer section, users can define the length of the wavelets and skip zero crosses to create unique resonances by discarding the detected zero crossings based on the set time in microseconds - the longer the wavelet, the lower the synthesized tone. The generated signal can be individually adjusted, using five Harmonic sliders to create a variety of harmonics ranging from 1st to 5th.

MIYA's internal gate provides enhanced input signal control, eliminating quieter sounds like the background noise or emphasizing the original signal's rhythmic aspects. Furthermore, MIYA lets you boost the signal generated by the additive synthesizer based on the amplitude of the initially detected wavelet.

What does MIYA offer users?

    Recreate or blend your signal from the ground up with precisely tuned wavelets


    Enhance your sound or wreck it to create something new


    Define the ratio between the harmonics that create the new wavelets


    Add even more harmonics to your newly created harmonics


    Fine-tune the frequency response of the generated signal


    Get immediate feedback on your sound


    Control the zero-crossing detection upon which the new wavelets will be created afterward


    Adjust how the wavelet creation reacts to dynamic movements in your signal


    Blend your dry and wet signal and adjust the output level with feedback from the metering


    Scale the size of the plugin UI with your mouse

Kai Detlefsen
Kai combines a creative approach with profound knowledge about international business processes having two bachelor’s degrees in Music and International Management. As a musician and mixing engineer, he can be found at concert venues and in recording studios. At Dear Reality, Kai strives to make the spatial audio world accessible for everyone.

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