We are excited to introduce a range of new features to our pioneering dearVR PRO 2 and dearVR MUSIC spatializer and dearVR MONITOR and dearVR MIX virtual monitoring plugins! Keep reading for the full breakdown of the new Clarity feature, integration with Apple Logic Pro’s multi-channel functionality, added Spatial Headphone Profiles, and native Apple M1 compatibility.



Binaural audio processing is a powerful technique for adding atmospheric spatial qualities to audio creations, and the dearVR PRO 2 and MUSIC spatializer plugins are known for their ultra-realistic acoustic environments with a true perception of direction, distance, reflections, and reverb. The latest update introduces the unique Sennheiser AMBEO Clarity algorithm to both spatializers, allowing you to regulate undesirable signal coloring caused by head-related transfer functions (HRTF).

Without tweaking, some binaural processing imparts an unrealistic quality to the audio. For example, a human voice is so familiar to us, that even slight changes have a huge impact, while synthesized sounds need stronger binaural filtering to be perceived from the correct direction.

Moreover, Clarity also enforces a seamless transition from binaural to normal stereo loudspeaker playing devices. You can now enhance stereo productions with cutting-edge spatial reverb and processing. Clarity bridges the gap between regular stereo, and binaural, creating a mix of both audio techniques. This gives you the ability to immerse your listeners deeper than ever before.



dearVR PRO 2, the cutting-edge binaural, Ambisonics, and multi-channel spatialization plugin, and dearVR MONITOR, the immersive mix room, now fully support Apple Logic Pro's integrated Dolby Atmos workflow, allowing you to mix and monitor immersive experiences in formats up to 7.1.4. It has never been easier to produce multi-channel mixes and Atmos projects more efficiently and precisely.

dearVR PRO 2 enhances Logic Pro with a complete 360° immersive audio panner, putting your listeners in the center of the music. Moreover, 46 lifelike virtual acoustic settings are included, which are ideal for professional audio engineering, music creation, and post-production situations. These give you a huge variety of listening environments, so you can maximize the translation and expression of your mixes.

dearVR MONITOR puts you in a perfect virtual mix room to produce in 26 multi-channel loudspeaker formats up to 7.1.4 and 9.1.6 with total reliability. Don’t worry if you don’t have a multi-channel speaker setup in your mix room. With dearVR MONITOR, you can choose between all common speaker setups, anytime and anywhere with headphones. Don’t be limited by room acoustics and missing multi-channel speaker setups.

The latest spatial headphone compensation update introduces Sennheiser's HD 300 PRO headphones to dearVR MONITOR and dearVR MIX, supporting the complete professional studio headphones range from HD 25 to HD 400 PRO. Furthermore, both monitoring plugins now fully support the AKG 812 and Yamaha HPH MT8 headphones.


The latest versions of dearVR PRO, MUSIC, MONITOR, and MIX are compatible with Apple Silicon M1, taking advantage of the faster CPU performance (up to 3.5x) and increased power efficiency. This makes the plugins the perfect tools for immersive desktop or remote productions by taking advantage of the full performance of the Apple M1 devices.

Kai Detlefsen
Kai combines a creative approach with profound knowledge about international business processes having two bachelor’s degrees in Music and International Management. As a researcher and author, Kai publishes articles about developments in the music industry induced by the digitalization and the constant change in the level playing field. As a musician and mixing engineer, he can be found at concert venues and in recording studios. At Dear Reality, Kai works as a Marketing Manager and strives to make the 3D audio world accessible for everyone.
Logic Pro is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions. Dolby Atmos is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories, registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.

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